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Exhibit A TH: We still have some time left.  Is there anything that you’d like to talk about? DW: We only have two minutes.  Last time we went over, you charged me for another hour. TH: Doctor, don’t worry about money and time limits.  I’m here for you.  This is to help you.  Now, tell […]

The kid was at the intersection again, big-eyed and snotty-nosed. No shoes. Someone had given him a charity jersey, in grandmotherly powder blue, and he wore this hanging low down his shorts. Jonah rolled up his window as he decelerated, and fixed his gaze ahead, but alas, the kid spotted him and wove with determination […]

Every morning he empties the lobby wastebasket, and sets it down making a hollow clatter ring, brittle. In fall and winter, whenever there’s been frost overnight, he strews salt on the front steps as a farmer scatters seed.

As you lie dying, snatches of memories dart through your brain. Your synapses fire them off one after another and they crowd your head, a tumbling blizzard of images. They are like pages torn from a book, blowing in the wind.

Terry and I lived in a model home once. It was part of a new development that never took off after the housing market went belly-up. The developer was a friend of Terry’s father, and he let us live there for a reduced rate. He said it was better than having the house vacant.

We are pleased to announce our nominations for the 2013 storySouth Million Writers Award. “The Dead Do Not Come Back At Night” by Hannah Lackoff (February, 2012) “Seven Miles Deep” by Tom Graham (October, 2012) “Jasper Rincon’s Loft” by Max Detrano (December, 2012) All the best to Hannah, Tom and Max!

If Mr. Vargas asked him who he thought he was, what the hell he thought he was doing, what would he say? What could he say?  But Mr. Vargas never asked; he never said more than ten words a night to Joseph, at least not in the past three months.