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I. Uncle says the dead do not come back at night. Uncle is wrong.

The bird had neared the edges of its strength and, as Ingrid approached, it lay still on the wet sand, bill shaking slightly. The guillemot’s underbelly was visible, white against black. Ingrid paused.

How is it I have come to this: day upon sweltering day, merciless sun beating down, bathing me with light. I can’t refuse the cleansing act: being bathed in the sweat lodge of my rusted and dented old pickup truck, tread-worn tires sunk in the hot asphalt.

From: To: CC: Subject: names Dear Kent: Thank you so much for your interest in the Coushatta culture. I really appreciated your hyper-inquisitive email. Of course, we don’t actually live in teepees.

Nigel Dawson walked to Big Red’s Mercantile in the heart of Sayward to buy pencils – Ticonderogas, twelve to a box, yellow with graphite filling.

At the mountain peak where I gave a handful of my father’s ashes to the wind, a healthy Evergreen fell the next day.