10,000 Tons of Black Ink strives to give voices to new and burgeoning literary artists who would normally not have the freedom to stretch their works to the limits of imagination and ingenuity. The online publication exists to encourage emerging writers across the globe to reveal the splendor of their uninhibited creativity, and to share the product of this expression with a diverse audience. Our annual “Best Of” print edition features the strongest pieces published online during the course of the year.

For all writers dedicated to their craft, the true reward for their labor is the delight in the process of writing itself, but the ultimate goal for most literary artists is publication. We recognize the professional and motivational power that results from new and emerging writers having their work published so we now provide a quality online literary outlet that allows us to publish more writers more regularly.

Contact the editors at 10KTOBI@literarywritersnetwork.org.

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