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Max scrabbled to get behind the sofa but Anton was ruthless. He had to be, he told himself, as he tugged on Max’s collar.

It was Mickey the Cat’s going away party and we were all huddled around the cheap casket like tramps around a campfire, sucking the last bit of heat from his freezing corpse.

Jacob saw Chelsea sitting in one of the plastic chairs in the waiting room of the school’s administrative office. She was one of Sara’s friends, Sara’s best friend in fact. She was usually bubbly, twirling her blond curls between her fingers as she giggled, excited about everything. But today she didn’t seem happy.

Igloo I sleep inside an igloo in my efficiency apartment across from the Jack in the Box on Pine. An igloo I built out of old fifths, stacked one row upside down on another, so that the bottlenecks interlock. Pieces of red and blue fabric cement the rows. It looks patriotic.